It seems to us that we know everything about fashion world or pretend to know everything. Fashion magazines, Internet, publicity give us a lot of information. But still it manages to keep its magic that makes us want to know more and more, for example to watch the pictures of backstages of fashion shows, reportages of work of famous designers, stylists, photographers. But what is “normal” life of people that work in fashion? What do they do when they are out of fashion world and can they be completely out?

This project is about five different persons from fashion camp. They show the part of their usual life that is not connected to work. The people who are represented are a model, a stylist, a designer, a blogger and a make-up artist – professions which are making the fashion world "alive". All of them are young, perspective and ambitious - perfect characteristics for anybody who wants to achieve success. So may be looking at their everyday life we can get an idea of their particularity that everybody needs to be able to move that huge "fashion machine".